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"Yellow Dog, like all his fiction since Einstein's Monsters, reflects Amis's apocalyptic imagination, his quest for what he once disparagingly called the 'big illumination.'"

--James Diedrick,
Understanding Martin Amis
 2nd edition (2004)

The Martin Amis Web
is maintained by James Diedrick, Professor of the English at Albion College and author of Understanding Martin Amis. Comments, corrections, and suggestions for additions are welcome. To enter the Amis Discussion Board, click here.

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This  month The Martin Amis Web features:

     Understanding Martin Amis, Second Edition (2004) is just out from the University of South Carolina Press. At 330 pages, it is significantly expanded and revised since the first (1995) edition. Order it here from

     "Reading Martin Amis." Peg Eby-Jager writes a detailed account of the April 20 2004 Amis-Hitchens appearance at UCLA's "Our Favorite Writers" series.

     "The Many Faces of Martin Amis. "Yellow Dog offers differing faces to the world, depending largely on how one is feeling at the time. Or how one is feeling about Martin Amis at the time, says Nicholas Lezard " (Guardian, 29 May 2004).

     Yellow Dog--the new novel (news, reviews)

     "In the Palace of the End." Martin Amis's most recent short story, published originally in the New Yorker (15 March 2004), now available at the Guardian online (17 April 2004).

     "The Fiction of Martin Amis: Patriarchy and Its Discontents," by James Diedrick, appears in the anthology Contemporary British Fiction (Polity Press).

     Martin Amis and James Wood discuss Saul Bellow on The Connection (RealAudio file).

    Listen to the Sept. 2 Mark Lawson BBC interview with Martin Amis (RealOne Player required).

    To buy first editions of books by Martin Amis and other contemporary British authors, visit first state books.

    The Amis Discussion Board--post queries, join threaded discussions, chat using AIM, MSN Messenger, ICQ, or Yahoo Messenger.

    Amis recommends the best of Nabokov--in Bookshelf. 

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