Intertexts (and Miscellany)

This section of the Martin Amis Web catalogues material that doesn't fit neatly into other sections. Some of the following are profiles that can't be called interviews, for instance, or commentaries about Amis's work and influence that can't be counted as scholarship. Others are satiric images, parodies, or -- best of all -- creations by other artists inspired by Amis's work.


Hiccup Kelly Mark

Hiccup 1 | 2 | 3 | LINK | TRANSCRIPT | PDF


The work of Canadian artist Kelly Mark "rephases everyday life through post-minimal and post-conceptual strategies and aesthetics. In Hiccup, she enacts the same mundane but orchestrated performance over a series of days. Staged in public places, these unannounced performances place Mark’s synchronized routine against a changing background of everyday circumstances." Excerpts from Amis's novel Time's Arrow are used in the audio portion of this work.



robertson yellow dogYellow Dog (left) LINK


An expressionistic painting by California artist

John Robertson inspired by Amis's novel of the

same title.


Welcome to Planet Blitcon

Ziauddin Sardar on Amis, McEwan, and Rushdie's political statements in the New Statesman, 11 December 2006. LINK | PDF


"An Open Letter from the Martin Amis in Me"

A "thought experiment" poem by "NFA" on the Flying Pig, Folding Chair Blog. LINK | PDF



Reading Times Arrow






Reading Time's Arrow (right) LINK


Canadian graphic designer Sarolta Gyoker took this photograph of fellow artist Zak Smith at the Planet Coffee shop in Ottawa, Canada, in 2006.


Visit Gyoker's TrekEarth page here and her Flickr page here which also features a black and white version of this image.







Intellectual Cereal (left) GIF


Cartoon by Ruben Bolling featuring a panel involving Amis and Christopher Hitchens. From the Tom the Dancing Bug series.


The Rachel Papers Cover Art (below)


Unpublished book cover designed by English artist Jennifer Rodgers. Click on image for full cover. See more of Jennifer Rodgers's works at Warm Toast Cafe and her MySpace page.













German-language audio on Night Train



Hate Him or Rate Him.

The Independent, 7 May 2000. WORD

"Is Martin Amis ... still the colossus of English letters? We asked younger novelists to assess his work and his influence on their own writing."


Blame it on Amis, Barnes & McEwan

Jason Cowley of the New Statesman evaluates Dale Peck's attack on British fiction, 4 June 2001. LINK | PDF



Can Martin Amis really be called a classic? BBC Radio 4, 14 July 2004. LINK | RM


Amis on Amis. A day in the life of a literary giant. Parody by humor website LINK | PDF1 | PDF2 | PDF3 | PDF4 | PDF5


Arguing About Amis. David Barrett on Amis's legacy in Standpoint magazine, April 2011.



Amis LandAmis Gets Mapped (left)

Martin Rowson creates an Amis neighborhood in his "Modern London" map in Granta 65 (1999). JPG | WORD | PDF


Amis/Scatology. Unflattering La Squab cartoon by David Britton & Kris Guidio. JPG



Will Self talks about his life, his career, and Martin Amis with Chris Mitchell of Spike.



Martin Amis. Cover story by Jason Cowley, from Prospect Magazine (August 1997)



Martin Amis and the Women. Cover story by Ellen Kanner, from Pages magazine (Jan/Feb 2007) LINK | PDF (pg. 9ff)



Cover Designs by Josh Ogden


Six designs of Amis's novels by independent graphic artist and illustrator Josh Ogden. Click here to view all the illustrations











Or click here to visit his webpage:





Click here for Lifeshots, the website of Martin Amis, the photographer. No

connection to Martin Amis, the writer.