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For a comprehensive bibliography of Amis's nonfiction writing, see James Diedrick and M. Hunter Hayes, "Nonfiction by Martin Amis, 1971-2005" in Gavin Keulks, ed., Martin Amis: Postmodernism and Beyond, Palgrave Macmillan, 2006.


I'd like to thank Palgrave Macmillan for granting permission to feature 10% of this bibliography on The Martin Amis Web. [Required wording: This extract is taken from the author's original manuscript and has not been reviewed or edited. The definitive version of this extract may be found in the work Martin Amis: Postmodernism and Beyond, which can be purchased from Reproduced with permission of Palgrave Macmillan.]


I will continue to update this bibliography from January 2006 onward. When appropriate, reprinted selections are indicated using the following abbreviations: TMI for The Moronic Inferno and Other Visits to America (1986); VMN for Visiting Mrs. Nabokov and Other Excursions (1993); and WAC for The War Against Cliché: Essays and Reviews 1971–2000 (2001). Reviewed texts and/or subjects are always specified following the citation. Please see the Commentary section for links to, and files of, some of these entries.


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Book Reviews (1995-Present)

"Junk Souls." New York Times Book Review 14 May 1995: 7. Rev. of Elmore Leonard, Riding the Rap. WAC 225–8.


"Why Augie Has it All." Guardian 4 Aug. 1995: T2. Rpt. "A Chicago of a Novel." Atlantic

Monthly Oct. 1995: 114–27. Rev. of Saul Bellow, The Adventures of Augie March. WAC 447–69.


"Fatally Flawed." Sunday Times 10 Sept. 1995: 7.1–7.2. Rev. of Norman Mailer, Oswald’s Tale. WAC 273–7.


"Over-Sexed and Over Here." Sunday Times 24 Sept. 1995: 7.3. Rev. of Philip Roth, Sabbath's Theater. WAC 294–7.


"Jurassic Larks." Sunday Times 1 Oct. 1995: 7.1–7.2. Rev. of Michael Crichton, The Lost World. WAC 219–23.


"A Talent to Abuse." Sunday Times 22 Oct. 1995: 7.1–7.2. Rev. of Gore Vidal, Palimpsest. WAC 279–83.


"A Capital President." Sunday Times 7 Jan. 1996: 7.1. Rev. of David Herbert Donald, Lincoln. WAC 24–8.


"First Lady on Trial." Sunday Times 17 Mar. 1996: 7.1–7.2. Rev. of Hillary Clinton, It Takes a Village. WAC 28–32.


"Hitting His Stride." Los Angeles Times Book Review 8 June 1997: 3. Rev. of Saul Bellow, The Actual. Rpt. "Don't Call Him Mellow Bellow." Observer 18 Aug. 1997: 14. WAC 323–7.


"Survivors of the Cold War." New York Times Book Review 5 Oct. 1997: 12–13. Rev. of Don DeLillo, Underworld. WAC 316–21.


"High for a Time." Guardian 7 Nov. 1998: 10. Rev. of Tom Wolfe, A Man in Full. WAC 229–32.


"Hannibal, the Camus of Carnage." Talk Sept. 1999: 222, 224–6, 247. Rev. of Thomas Harris, Hannibal. WAC 233–41.


"The Breasts." Talk May 2001: 111–12. Rev. of Philip Roth, The Dying Animal.


"All Together, Please." Times Literary Supplement 18 Jan. 2002: 10. Rev. of Mark D. Steinberg, Voices of Revolution, 1917.


"The Real Conspiracy Behind 9/11." The Times 2 September 2006. Rev. of Lawrence Wright, The Looming Tower: Al Qaeda and the Road to 9/11.


"Deranging Consequences of 9/11." The Times 21 October 2006. Rev. of Bob Woodward, State of Denial.


"Martin Amis reviews The Islamist." The Times 5 May 2007. Rev. of Ed Hussain, The Islamist: Why I Joined Radical Islam in Britain, What I Saw Inside and Why I Left.


"The Master's Voice." Guardian 4 July 2009. Rev. of John Updike, My Father's Tears and Other Stories.


"The problem with Nabokov." Guardian 14 November 2009: 2. Rev. of Vladimir Nabokov, The Original of Laura.


"My father's English language." Guardian 27 May 2011: 20. Rev. of Kingsley Amis, The King's English.


"Laureate of Terror: Don DeLillo's Prophetic Soul." New Yorker 21 November 2011. Rev. of Don DeLillo, The Angel Esmeralda: Nine Stories.



Other Reviews (film, television, etc.) (1985-Present)

"The Wimbledon Shower." Observer 30 June 1985: 24. Television Review: Wimbledon coverage.


"Inside Charles’s Marriage." Observer 27 Oct. 1985: 28. Television Review: Prince and
Princess of Wales; Whicker’s World; Queens’; Midweek Sport Special.


"Ronbo and the Arms Habit." Observer 13 Apr. 1986: 28. Television Review: Kenny Everett Show; Magnum; Miami Vice; Film 86; MOD; Viewpoint 86; Our Bomb.


"Cronenberg’s Monster." Independent on Sunday 10 Nov. 1996: Review, 8–9. Film Review: Crash. WAC 109–12.


"Remembering A Life." Talk Dec. 2001: 131–3. Rpt. “Age Will Win.” Guardian 21 Dec. 2001: G2, 2–4. Rpt. “Against Dryness.” Zachery Leader, ed., On Modern British Fiction, 2002. Film Review: Iris.


"All that survives is love." The Times 1 June 2006. Film Review: United 93.


"For my Money, the BBC got it right." Guardian 26 May 2010: G2, 3. Television Review: Money.



Profiles and Interviews (1985-Present)

"Mr Hefner and the Desperate Pursuit of Happiness." Observer Magazine 22 Sept. 1985: 12–16. Profile: Hugh Hefner. TMI 170–80.


"Updike’s Version." Observer 30 Aug. 1987: 15–16. Profile: John Updike. VMN 47–59.


"Rendezvous with Rushdie." Vanity Fair Dec. 1990: 160–3. Profile: Salman Rushdie. VMN 170–8.


"An Ear Open to the Stories We All Tell Ourselves." Independent on Sunday 16 Dec. 1990: Review, 24. Profile: V.S. Pritchett. VMN 265–74.


"In search of Dieguito." Guardian 1 Oct. 2004: G2, 2–5. Profile: Diego Armando Maradona.


"The terrorist stays in the picture." Time magazine 196.20 (14 May 2007): 66. Brief profile: Osama bin Laden.


"The Long Kiss Goodbye." Guardian 2 June 2007. Profile: Tony Blair's final days in office.


"'He Took the Novel onto Another Plane of Intimacy.'" Guardian 28 January 2009. Memorial: John Updike.


"From Outer Space to Inner Space." Guardian 25 April 2009. Memorial: J. G. Ballard.



Essays and Columns (2000-Present)

"Sex in America." Talk Feb. 2001: 98–103, 133–5. Rpt. "A Rough Trade." Guardian 17 Mar. 2001: Weekend, 8–14. Also rpt. in Stefano de Luigi, Pornoland (Thames and Hudson, 2004). On the pornography industry.


"Fear and Loathing." Guardian 18 Sept. 2001: G2, 2–5. On global terrorism.


"The Queen’s Heart." New Yorker 20 May 2002: 106–10. On Queen Elizabeth II and two books: Robert Lacey, Monarch; Deborah Hart Strober and Gerald S. Strober, The Monarchy.


"The Voice of the Lonely Crowd." Guardian Review 1 June 2002: 4–6. Rpt. Harper’s Aug. 2002: 15–18. On global terrorism.


"Restoration." The Sunday Telegraph 2 June 2002: Review, 1–2. Revised New Yorker essay (20 May 2002) on Queen Elizabeth II.


"Window on a Changed World." Daily Telegraph 11 Sept. 2002: 17. On global terrorism.


"The Palace of the End." Guardian 4 Mar. 2003: 23. On the U.S.-led War in Iraq.


"The World: An Explanation." Daily Telegraph 8 Mar. 2003: 29. On global politics.


"The Supreme American Novelist." Atlantic Monthly Dec. 2003: 111–14. Rpt. "Capo di Capi." Guardian 4 Mar. 2004: 4. On Saul Bellow.


"We Have to Face It: English Football is Just No Good." Guardian 28 June 2004: 14.


"Authors in the Front Line: Martin Amis." Sunday Times Magazine 6 Feb. 2005: 21–7. On street-violence in Colombia.


"The Age of Horrorism." Observer 10 Sept. 2006. 12,000 word essay on militant Islam, contemporary politics, and the five-year anniversary of 9/11.


"The Terrorist Stays in the Picture." Time 14 May 2007: 66. On Osama Bin Laden.


"The Long Kiss Goodbye." Guardian 2 June 2007. On Tony Blair.


"9/11 and the Cult of Death." Times 11 Sept. 2007.


"Terrorism's New Structure." Wall Street Journal 16 Aug. 2008: W1. On global terrorism.


"Tennis, My Beautiful Game." Guardian 27 June 2009. On tennis.


"The End of Iran's Ayatollahs?" Guardian 17 July 2009. On the fallout from the murder of Neda Soltan.


"Martin Amis muses on the fourth estate." Guardian 13 February 2010: 14. On the Amis family legacy.


"Philip Larkin's Women." Guardian 22 October 2010: 2. On Larkin and love.


"Martin Amis Goes on the GOP Campaign Trail." Newsweek 19 December 2011. On the various personalities vying for the 2012 GOP nomination.




Original Contributions to Books

Untitled contribution. In Ann Thwaite, ed., My Oxford. London, 1977. 203–13. On Amis's Experience at Exeter College, Oxford.


"The Sublime and the Ridiculous: Nabokov’s Black Farces." In Peter Quennell, ed., Vladimir Nabokov: His, Life, His Work, His World. London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson; New York: William Morrow, 1980, 73–87. Analyzes Nabokov's novels Despair; King, Queen, Knave; Laughter in the Dark; and Lolita.


"H is for Homosexual." In Stephen Spender, ed., Hockney’s Alphabet: Drawings by David Hockney. London: Faber; New York: Random House, 1991. 23–4. On Amis's homosexual encounter in childhood.


"My Imagination and I." In Anthony Barnett, ed., Power and the Throne: The Monarchy Debate. London: Vintage, 1994. 79–80. On a "Sex dream" about Sarah Ferguson.


["In adolescence…"] In Contemporary Writers: Martin Amis. London: Book Trust, 1994. 1. Brief comment on authorial inspiration.


"Peter Porter." In Anthony Thwaite, ed., Paeans for Peter Porter. London: Bridgewater, 1999. 13–15. Brief appreciation.


"Beyond the Fringe." In Lucretia Stewart, ed. and intro., Travelling Hopefully: A Golden Age of Travel Writing. London: Theniju, 2006. On St. Lucia.



Short Stories (2006-Present)

"The Last Days of Muhammad Atta." The New Yorker 24 April 2006: 153-63. Rpt. The Observer 3 September 2006. Once intended to be included in House of Meetings.