What's New/Updates

2011 Highlights: New material added about Amis's relocation to Brooklyn, Richard Bradford's controversial biography (Biography II), and Amis's various commentaries on the state of England, relatives, and politics (Commentary, Events).


2010 Highlights: Amis's novel, The Pregnant Widow, published on 4 February (UK) and 11 May (US), generating the usual wave of reviews & interviews. Filmography section updated for the BBC2 adaptation of Money. Coverage of Anna Ford and 'silver tsunami' controversies added to Commentary, along with numerous videos.


2009 Highlights: Interviews sections updated, highlighted by the four-part Prospect magazine interview. Biography split into 2 pages (Works & Days). Julia Kavanagh material added to Biography II. Verena Gappmaier thesis added to Scholarship. Amis's memorials on Updike and Ballard added to Commentary.


2008 Highlights: Amis and Son: Two Literary Generations by Neil Powell published in the UK (see Biography for reviews). New essay by Amis added to Commentary. Select reviews of Isabela Fonseca's novel Attachment added to Biography. New hope for a London Fields movie (see Filmography). UK reviews of The Second Plane added to Reviews. Excerpt of Brian Finney's forthcoming book, Martin Amis, featured on Scholarship.


2007 Highlights: Extensive coverage of the Eagleton/Amis controversy added to Interviews. New material added to Commentary, highlighted by the multimedia profile "The Long Kiss Goodbye" and the audio interview "Amis, Amis, and Bond." US reviews of House of Meetings added. New artwork added to Images and Miscellaneous sections. Exclusive interview of Kingsley Amis by Stephanie T. de Pue added to Biography.


2006 Highlights: House of Meetings material added to Reviews and Interviews sections. Biography divided into "Works" and "Domestic Privacies". All sections updated, highlighted by a script for London Fields (Filmography) and new scholarship by Crowley, LaRose, Leutgeb, Nagy, and Belacchi. A number of Amis-related books were also published, including my edited collection Martin Amis: Postmodernism and Beyond; Amis's new book House of Meetings; and Zachary Leader's The Life of Kingsley Amis. Excerpts from all three can be found on the Scholarship and Biography pages. Random House UK also added a link to the Martin Amis Web on their own website, and Enyclopaedia Britannica online has designated it an approved iGuide site.


January-April 2006: Martin Amis Web passed from James Diedrick to Gavin Keulks in January. Original site archived within Site Info, then converted, redesigned, and relaunched on 30 April.


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