This page features mostly professional images of Amis, often featured on book covers or accompanying reviews. All images used with permission. See the Intertexts page for related artwork and photographs, both professional and amateur, depicting Amis's work or influence.



Martin Amis book

Isabel Fonseca

Martin Amis © Isabel Fonseca


This photo of Amis, taken by his wife, courtesy of The Random House Group, Ltd.


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Robert Birnbaum

© Robert Birnbaum/Red Diaz Photography


Mr. Birnbaum is also the "Editor-at-Large, CFO, and Cultural Arbiter" of, which features

an interview with Amis.


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Martin Amis book


Chris Buck

© Chris Buck Photography


This image originally appeared in NOW magazine on May 5, 1995.


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Martin Amis book







Eric Antoniou

© Eric Antoniou Photography


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Walter CraveiroBookcover thumbnail


Images of Amis taken by Walter Craveiro/linkestudio

photography click here


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MA Kupperman


Michael Kupperman


This illustration (left) first accompanied Liesl Schillinger's review of Amis's House of Meetings in the New York Times.


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John Ritter & Nial McDiarmid


This illustration (right), upon a photograph by Nial McDiarmid, originally accompanied Michiko Kakutani's review of House of Meetings in the New York Times.


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