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The previous version of The Martin Amis Web featured a lively discussion board. The board's history is just as lively, featuring numerous migrations, symbolic deaths and reincarnations. Just like Amis's fiction, postings can range from the serious to the scandalous and all points in-between. Updated daily, the board benefits from many dedicated posters who do an outstanding job trawling the net for Amisiana. Because this board is not affiliated with the Martin Amis Web, please address all comments and questions to its moderator, John Smith.


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From the original version of the Martin Amis Web, fully archived under Site Info. Stray formatting errors and dead links are the unavoidable results of the site's transfer and redesign, but long-time posters might enjoy seeing some of their old posts again.




Excerpts from an old-board discussion about Heavy Water (1998-99) WORD | PDF


A Dialogue on Night Train


Excerpts from Robert Martinez and Nick Shuit from the old board (1998). WORD | PDF


Allusions to Philip Larkin in Amis's Work


Discussion about Larkin's influence on Amis from the old board WORD